Theft protection for
your bike or ebike

You get a custom GPS tracker and a 24/7 theft recovery team.
Just £10.99 per month with a 30-day free trial.

Perfect for bikes, ebikes & escooters
Perfect for bikes, ebikes and escooters
"We've been there. We know that sinking feeling when your bike gets stolen.
We're here to level the playing field against bike theft."

What is BackPedal?

Track. Recover. Reassure.

We worry about your bike so that you don’t have to.


Hidden GPS tracker custom fitted to your bike or ebike


We recover your bike. If we don't, you get a full refund


Peace of mind knowing we support you in case of theft

Accurate tracking pinpoints your bike.

Prefer to watch?

Find out how BackPedal works in this video

What does a recovery look like?

Here are some common scenarios for stolen bike recovery

It's locked up or abandoned

If it’s been locked up we just cut it free and get it back to you. This happens as thieves won't take it home straightaway.

The thief still has it

If it’s safe we approach and get the bike back. Once they know the bike is being tracked the thief will typically return it.

We arrange police assistance

If we need the police we handle everything with them including bridging the gap to when they can respond.

We cut the bike free if it's been locked.

Protect your bike, ebike or escooter now

  • 24/7 recovery team gets your bike back if it gets stolen
  • Zero hassle custom fitting included
  • Full refund if we don't recover your bike

Meet the team

All of this takes people, of course.

Interested in a role on our recovery team? Head to our Careers page to take a look at our openings.

James Dunn
Richard White
Tony Mansfield
Recovery Ops

Connected bike benefits

Enjoy a connected bike with the included smartphone app (iOS and Android)

Tamper alerts

Get an immediate alarm if your bike or ebike gets moved

Route tracking

Automatically log all your rides (ebike only)

Know where your bike is

See where your bike is at all times using your smartphone

Accurate tracking pinpoints your bike.

Why sign up?

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We've made it risk-free to sign up to BackPedal and protect your bike
Full refund policy
If your bike gets stolen and we don’t get it back, we’ll refund everything you’ve paid us.
Cancel any time
There’s no long-term contracts or commitments. If you want to cancel, just let us know.