Frequently Asked Questions

When will you fit my tracker?

We will contact you after you've purchased to arrange a date and time to fit your tracker.

We can fit at a time and place of choosing. For example, this can be at home or your place of work - or on evenings and weekends.

We just need access to your bike and some space to work in. Fitting will take between 30 minutes and an hour.

Will this work for my bike or ebike?

Our trackers work for the majority of bikes and ebikes out there.

If after you order we find that it can't be fitted to your bike we will cancel any card details held with us.

What if you can't recover my bike?

We expect to recover roughly 90% of stolen bikes. If we can't recover your bike, we refund everything you've ever paid us.

Example: if your bike got stolen after 3-months and we can't recover it we would refund you £20.97 (3 monthly payments of £6.99).

What are your cancellation terms?

You can cancel at any time and for any reason.

What's to stop a thief removing the tracker?

Very good question and there is no 100% "thief proof" system.

Here's what we do:

  • We make it hard to access for example by attaching it within hard to access parts of the frame.
  • We are quick to respond. Because we operate 24/7 we get to the bike before the thief realises they are even being tracked.
What does my subscription pay for?

The subscription covers three things:

  • Recovery team personnel so we can get your bike back if it gets stolen
  • Tracker costs for us to provide the tracker hardware
  • Data costs for the trackers so they can connect to the internet
  • App updates and maintenance so that we can maintain the latest versions
Can I keep the tracker if I cancel?

You will have to pay a tracker surcharge of £50. Additionally, you would need to pay data fees to the tracker manufacturer.

Can I sign up for a tracker without the recovery for a lower subscription fee?

Our focus is on a complete solution of tracking AND recovery. This is because we believe this is what most people want.

However,  we have spent a lot of time finding the best tracker hardware and have relationships with the manufacturers, putting us in a good position to supply trackers alone. If this is something you are interested in, get in touch at If we see significant demand for this, we may offer a "tracker only" option as one of our packages.

Do you offer insurance discounts with any of your tracker packages?

At the moment we don't offer insurance.

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