Bike theft protection package

Get protected with a specialist bike tracker boasting 90% recovery rates in Europe - brand new to the UK!

What you get
  • 24/7 recovery team if your bike gets stolen
  • Bike tracker with iOS & Android app
  • Custom fitting to secure the tracker
  • Registered with BikeRegister
  • First month recovery subscription included free
  • Full refund if your bike can't be recovered

Cancel anytime. No long-term contracts.

upfront cost
per month
Common Questions
What areas do you cover?

We cover all of the South East (including London) and Eastern England. If you are from a different area please email

Will this work on my bike?

Yes, as long as the bike has handlebars :)

When can you fit the tracker?

We can fit during workdays, evenings or weekends.

How often does the tracker need charging?

If you use your bike most days you should expect to charge it every 10-14 days. This extends up to 8 weeks when lightly used.

What stops a thief removing the tracker?

The tracker is hidden out of sight which means the thief is unlikely to even know it's there.

Additionally, the bike tracker has a patented expansion mechanism that secures it in place. It cannot be removed without a specialist tool.

What happens if you can't recover my bike?

Sometimes we won't be able to recover a bike. If this occurs, we refund everything you've ever paid to BackPedal.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason. Just email

Why BackPedal?

Zero hassle
We custom fit it for you. Home and evening visits available.
Peace of mind
If your bike or ebike gets stolen, we handle everything for you.
Full refund policy
If we can't recover your bike we refund everything you've paid us.

Tracker features

Specialist expansion mechanism secures the hidden tracker inside the bike frame
Perfect for bikes with IP-65 waterproofing and weighing just 52g
Unique GPS, GSM & Bluetooth triangulation shows your bike’s exact position - 90% of bikes recovered in Europe.
Up to 8 weeks battery life - recharge via included USB-C cable

App features

Keep an eye on your bike no matter where you are
Tamper alerts notify you if your bike is moved when you’re not around
Smart battery notifications remind you to charge your tracker
Accurate tracking pinpoints your bike.

Recovery subscription

For £6.99 per month you get our 24/7 team to recover your stolen bike
  • 24/7 team to recover your bike or ebike if it gets stolen
  • All network data fees so you never pay a penny more for tracking
  • Full refund if your bike can't be recovered
  • Cancel at any time

Nothing stopping you...

We've made it risk-free to sign up to BackPedal and protect your bike
Full refund policy
If your bike gets stolen and we don’t get it back, we’ll refund everything you’ve paid us.
Cancel any time
There’s no long-term contracts or commitments. If you want to cancel, just let us know.

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